Save the Child Initiative continued implementation of the access to Non-formal learning centers in Tangaza Local government area of Sokoto state across five wards which includes; Tangaza, Mongoho, Sakkwai, Ruwa Wuri, Sutti.

The organization conducted the following activities

  • Facilitated monthly meeting  with Centre Based Management Committees
  • Facilitated meeting with Women Group
  • Monitoring of Community Coalition activities.
  • Monthly Monitoring of Learning Sessions.
  • Established Education and Safety Committee.
  • Conducted Assessment of learners from across the learning centers
STCI Staff with CBMC members in Tangaza ward of Tangaza LGA.  Meeting with Community Coalition Members in Tangaza Local Government Education Authority Office, Tangaza LGA.

After successful completion of activities under cohort 1 of the grant, Save the Child Initiative signed a new sub-agreement for cohort 2 with Northern Education Initiative Plus to implement the Non-formal Education project in Wurno LGA of Sokoto state across six Wards which includes; Cha-Cho Marnona, Dinawa, Kwargaba, Dimbiso, Marafa and Tunga wards of Wurno LGA of Sokoto state.

The organization implemented the following activities;

  • Participated in Coordination Meeting with other Year 2 Grantees
  • Conducted One week community mapping on out of school children across Cha-Cho Marnona, Dinawa, Kwargaba, Dimbiso, Marafa and Tunga wards of Wurno LGA.
  • Conducted advocacy/liaison visit to Gatekeepers and Duty bearers across the six wards
  • Established and reactivated Community structures such as the CBMCs, Women Group and CC in Wurno LGA
  • Interviewed and recruit 40 facilitators across the six wards.
  • Enrolled 1800 learners into Learning Centers (28 NFLCs, 6 YLCs and 6 AGLCs) across the six wards
  • Procured and distributed learning/instructional materials to learners and facilitators across the six wards
  • Participated in meetings with Centre Based Management Committees across the six wards
  • Participated in monthly meetings with Women group in Wurno
  • Conducted two quarterly meetings with Community coalition in Wurno
  • Conducted monitoring visit to 28 NFLCs, 6 AGLCs and 6 YLCs across the six wards.
  • Enrolled the 270 youths and 270 adolescent girls into livelihood skills
  • Monthly monitoring of livelihood activities
  • Conducted monthly palace visit, influencer’s meeting, and community dialogue meeting with youths and children.
Palace Visit to the District Head of Kwargaba Ward In Wurno LGA, Sokoto Community Dialogue with Youths and Children InTunga Ward of Wurno LGA.